Monday, January 7, 2008

why everybody loves pastel

The Kalayaan Residence Hall, where I'm staying, had its 9th Pasalubong Festival last Saturday. Simply speaking, the main point of the pasalubong is to bring delicacies from your hometown and share those with others so they'll know how fascinating your region is.

Well, we brought pastel.

Nuff said. The moment we dragged an empty pastel box into our performance (a slightly disastrous regional march which was still fun despite the embarrassment we faced) the crowd began chanting "Pastel, Pastel!" like mad. And when the booths formally opened, the pastel disappeared almost instantly. To think we had divided each piece into two.

Overall, the Pasalubong Festival was a enriching experience. Now I can name all the regions in the Philippines (with matching trivia about each), play the bulan-bulan game from CARAGA, and proudly say I'm from Region X: Northern Mindanao. It was the best party I've ever been part of!

Toodles! Poof...