Saturday, December 13, 2008

100 Nudes, 100 Years

No, loko lang. That event happened last sem.
There was, however, another "nudity-oriented" UP event to celebrate our Centennial Year, and it took place earlier this morning. As in at 5AM today.

Although I'd seen the tarpaulin posters inviting All MALE students, faculty, etc of the UP System to a photo shoot in the field behind Quezon Hall, I really didn't think much about it until Ate Ai invited all of us in Rm 127 to witness it with her. Even after I heard the invitation, I didn't seriously think of going because it was set sooooo early. On a Saturay morning pa jud. As luck would have it though, I was already snoring away by midnight last night, so this morning I woke up the earliest among the five of us in the room.

I realized it was my job to wake them up so we could watch the photo shoot. You know what my wake up call was?
Never mind that. You shouldn't have to hear the things I say when I'm in semi-zombie mode.

In the end, Trish, Sunshine and Rachel were too hungover from the Ilang Ilang Christmas Party the night before and only Ate Ai and I went to Quezon Hall. We got there at 6, just in time for the actual start of the photo session, and I swear, the view was amazing.

Now don't go saying I'm green. They weren't even naked. Most wore those shorts the Filipiana dancers are so fond of, and they even had their own version of the infamous "Is it a fig or is it a makahiya" leaf. So haha, lolzters.

The view was great because these men weren't all macho, frat men or in their early twenties. If the objective of the photo shoot was to come up with a representation of the UP popU, the organizers did a good job of choosing their models.

So yun. Had fun taking pictures of and with Ate Ai. Good morning, good.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

food trip's aka what happens when i'm hungry

I am Public Enemy #1 for food stall vendors. I have an involuntary habit of making their lives messier. Literally.

Food Trip Boo.Boo #1
Once, when I was in CDO, I ate at that cute little hotdog stall near the Ketkai Atrium. After I finished drinking my iced tea, I threw my tall, blue plastic Nestea cup in the trash can behind the counter. Only it wasn't a trash can.

How did I know? I took one good look at the face of the lady behind the counter. She wasn't exactly glaring at me, but she didn't look very happy either. In a timid voice, I asked (with matching point.point at the 'trash can'), "Is that a trash can?"

With a little eyebrow wiggle that was remarkably Cherie Gil-ish, she said, "No, that's the ice box." Weh.

Food Trip Boo.Boo #2
Earlier, I had a craving for isaw baboy. I knew Mang Larry's would be crowded, so I headed to the isaw stall near the coop instead. I ordered four isaw baboy, and sat on the bench near the grill eating to my heart's content.

I threw the barbecue sticks in a large sack near the grill, thinking (yes, AGAIN) that it was the trash can. When I stood up to throw the cup with the sauce, the manong who worked the isaw grill stopped me. I wondered. Why?

I took one quick peek at the sack. It was full of charcoal. Weh.

I guess it's not such a bad thing that I'm missing The Cousin's UP Food Trip this Sunday. Still a downright shame though.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

carstuffing princesses (with pushers for escorts)

ICTUS does it again!
25 people - a BMW
26 people - one Volkswagen Beetle.
major bongga moment.

For those of you who don't know what the Upsilon Sigma Phi Carstuffing is all about, too bad for you guys. (Evil much?) But seriously, the whole point of the entire contest is that the org with the highest number of representatives who can fit inside an given car wins...

PhP 10,000 for the Champions
PhP 5,000 for the Second Placers
Cheers for the Third Placers

I've been here in UP for two years now, but last night was my first time to join the highly stressful, severely addictive Carstuffing. (Of course, I didn't have an org last year so... wenk.) I'm telling you, YOUR ORG should join it. It's tons of fun, and you get bonded with your orgmates. Literally.

The downside is it ends really late at night. Last night, Bana and I left the venue (AS Parking Lot) at 11 something PM. Since she was going to Area 2 and I was going to Ilang, we had to separate at SC. I was so freaked out by the fact that I was going to pass the Infarmatay AND the CHURCH in the middle of THE NIGHT that I ran to my dorm via the middle of the street like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky. I only stopped running like mad when I saw another human being - the chicharon vendor who sits outside Ilang. Does she ever leave?

I guess that's another story.