Friday, October 5, 2007


I have no chance of getting an UNO this sem.
That's the highest grade in the UP System.
Before college, I thought if I worked hard enough I'd be able to get that coveted grade.

But I was wrong.

I can't get an UNO because I didn't work hard enough for it.

I learned a lot anyway.
And I still want to learn more - UNO or no UNO.
Please, no SINGKO.

That's what counts.

Happy sembreak, minna-san!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Always in Demand, Not Enough Supply

Have I mentioned that the School of Econ has its own fascination for batch shirts, too? Our batch committee came up with a pretty cool design. The shirt itself isn't swoon worthy; it's just an over sized white shirt. I really like our slogan though: Always in Demand, Not Enough Supply. Cool, huh?

And no, I didn't write that first paragraph as a follow-up to my last entry. It's just that I've been getting a lot of spooky stares today, all from people I've never noticed or even seen before. I'd like to think they're staring at me because my shirt has intrigued them, not because they think I look like I just came out of bed with my baggy jogging pants plus one-size-too-big slippers. Just for the record, I went to class looking like this and no one gave a da**.


Emphasis on the almost-swear word. I feel like a bad girl lately. Now that the finals fever has arrived, I've been doing nothing acad-related. This morning, I slept at 2 am because I was going gaga over Sims2. This morning, the mothership sent me a message scolding me for going more or less PhP 1,040 over my mobile plan. Finally, I seem to have lost the fanaticism that used to possess me while prepping for a Math exam. The last time I studied for a Math Test, I skipped two meals, forgot to take a bath and only came out to mingle for one hour.

Yaf , I did all that in the name of Math.

Anyway, I should go now. Perhaps if I stare hard enough at my reviewer every thing I have to study will stuff itself in my head...


I think I'll listen to Top Five at Five first. hehehehehe.

Toodles! Poof...

Monday, October 1, 2007

when there's a line, prepare to fall

The UP is famous for its ultra-lengthy pilas. In fact, some of the more money-minded upperclassmen have banked on this piece of info to sell shirts to us freshmen with slogans like 'Pagod sa Pila?' and similar quotations.* Flashback to the first week: I was shocked to find a super super super long line of students waiting for their turn at the enrollment counter. The line started on the first floor of the AS, and the tip of this extremely agitated snakelike-crowd was on the third floor. I am not making this up.

Although my day-to-day activities as a freshie do not compel me to engage myself in such tiring activities, I've gotten used to 'falling in line'. Once, I finished reading three essays for Eng11 while waiting for my turn at a Landbank ATM. In another instance, while waiting for a jeep to SM North, I finished checking my email through my mobile phone. And any surfer-via-mobile would know how slow the connection is, right?

Don't mind me. Just frustrated that I've been sitting here for almost tree hours, trying to pre-enlist for my would-be subjects next sem. I might even have to skip Math because the server's taking so long. I can't leave because if I do, by the time I come back, there won't be any slots left for me to squeeze through. :(

Aaah. Bliss.

I think I'll do my HEX homework while waiting.

Toodles! Poof...

*I think the most imaginative shirt-makers in campus are the people from Eng'g. Their college shirts scream stuff like 'So what kung UNO ka? Eng'g ka ba?!' and 'Your Dream, My Reality'.