Friday, August 31, 2007

the cat that chased its tail

I didn't capitalize anything in the title because capitalizing titles has always bothered me.

Inyhoo, that's what I can relate to best at this moment. The cat that chased its tail. I suppose it's normal for anyone, especially a college freshie like me, to feel this way - lost, confused, tired for reasons no one can explain. Our second long exam for Econ 11 is tomorrow but here I am, surfing the net as always, trying to find mini online games for Sims addicts, and updating my Friendster profile. Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's a pity the rest of the world hasn't discovered my existence yet. The UN could declare me international poster girl for the manana habit. I'm sure I'd be an instant phenomenon. :D

That's all for now. I've got to get out of this net cafe before I sense the urgent desire to do something detrimental like watch Part 3 of Battle Royale in

Toodles! Poof...

Random Question:
What is the formal name of eye bags?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh, Joy.

How ambivalent. I just survived my first Math midterms; I should be celebrating by wasting all my cash on hours of non-stop Internet action. But nooooooooo, Fate is just so cruel. I feel very very bad trip. There's something horribly wrong with my printer so now I've got to print everything in Greenshoppe, my face after-school tambayan. Why can't I just save it in my USB, you ask? The answer: My USB's gone whacko, as in so totally bonkers. It has transformed into a practically useless device that ought to be plugged, not into a port, but into the nearest toilet bowl. Uuurgh.

Pardon. I don't mean to be so bad-vibed today.



Toodles! Poof...

P.S. On the plus side, I guess Math was okay. Sort of compensation, I guess.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Three Inches and Murder

Office girls are cheaters. They don't actually wear heels on their way to work; they wear slippers. When they get to their office they just hide in a bathroom cubicle and switch their Havas (Havaianas or Havanas, take your pick) for sassy stilettos. And voila, they transform from average commuters to sweat-free desk ladies.

Sigh. No one warned me not to wear those heels on the way to Ortigas.

It started with a reference. I was invited to attend a job orientation for a multinational wellness company so I went to Pasig, my two super supportive friends Trisha and Sunshine in tow. We left the dorm at 1.30 pm and got to Octagon Centre at 2.45. Metro Manila's traffic is not to blame for our 'lateness' because we just got lost and had to walk around the SM Megamall area to 'manually' search for the building. When we actually got there, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the sophistication of the place so I dragged the gang to mini stop, where I got some badly needed sugar comfort in the form of choco Cream-o's. Once I had regained my 'poise' I dragged them back to
the 15th floor. Then I met the person who invited me to attend the orientation in the first place.

And just in case anyone is curious, the one who invited me and the one who recommended me both knew I was - I am - only sixteen years old.

To make the five-hours story short, I was sorely tempted by the 5K to 15K monthly income. For one thing, I am positive I was not recruited for a scam and for another thing, the company only needs 8 to 10 hours of a person's week. However, I am not totally inclined to join because 1) the hiring system is terribly complicated, 2) I'm just a minor, for Pete's sake, and 3) I don't have 12,600.

It's up to you to analyze that but that's the gist of our Ortigas escapade.

Toodles! Poof...

Monday, August 20, 2007

The 12:00 Habit

It's been a very long weekend, no thanks to the super typhoon Egay. Because of this all of us here in Kalayaan have been lazy, too lazy to even feel the need to open a notebook and study for the Math17 midterms this Wednesday. Oh well. It's not our fault we've been stuck in the dorm for six consecutive days.

Lately my everyday morning routine has gone like this: I hear my phone ringing shrilly and I wake up for just a few seconds to check the time and involuntarily decide it's way too early to be up and about. Then I go back to sleep. I wake up again about two to three hours later, truly awake this time. I glance at my watch, realize I've overslept again and wonder why on Earth I didn't hear the alarm. Most of the time this scene takes place at 12:00 noon so I call this the twelve o'clock habit.
I wake up late because a growing teen needs ten hours of sleep each night to stay healthy. On normal days when I'm not sick, stressed by school work or plagued by insomnia I stay up until about two or three in the morning. When I feel tired already I just hop into bed and fall asleep effortlessly. But yesternight and the night before that I was such a wimp and I just couldn't fall asleep.

Chakushin Ari Final
, probably the worst horror movie I've ever watched, was the reason I couldn't sleep two nights ago. It wasn't scary at all but it freaked me out and I kept imagining luminous Japanese girls showing up in elevators and coughing up red jawbreaker look-alikes. So yes, I was incapable of sleeping with the silence and dimness of the dorm. I had to hook myself to Brgy LS, a radio station, so I could feel safe enough to fall asleep.

And yesterday Roshy, Jane and I went to Ateneo to meet Mary and Jen, two of our high school friends. We toured Trinoma, which is so crowded, and Eastwood, which is definitely a beautiful, expensive, amazing, expensive, brilliant, expensive place. When night fell we went back to the ADMU campus, watched T-girl eat her dinner and got round to telling each other ghost stories. And then Jen told this really creepy story that was wholesome compared to other stuff I've read but truly spine-chilling all the same - at least for the scaredy cat called me.

There is a place in the campus called Bellarmine Hall (in case I haven't spelled it correctly at least you know I'm not an Atenean) and it is rumored that at night, a lady pops up in the third floor of that building and waves hi to passersby. Apparently, the person she waved at must wave back or else she'll suddenly appear beside the ingrate and demand a sufficient reason for his or her impoliteness. And if you're too scared to think properly or just aren't creative enough she'll make you regret you ever passed by Bell that night.

What would you say to her if she suddenly swooped down from her perch to interrogate you?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

'Egay heads north, gathers strength'

Because of this thing I can't go to school properly when, for the first time in my life, I want to. CHED has declared 'walang pasok' so even UP has to give in even though the sun's shining like a bald man's head here. It's funny that when CHED tells us not to hold classes the sun's up and when we're supposed to go to school it rains like mad. Hmmmm. It could be a sign of something.

But I really must dash now. It's nearly eight and my 'informal' schedule for dinner is seven pm. Time flies. :D

Toodles! Poof...

Eist, pipz :D

I'm back to blogspot, where my first blog emerged. It was called beingbeaple then but that was eons ago. Even if I wanted to revive it I can't because I've forgotten the password.

septembersummer came out of nowhere. It is NOT an allusion to something tragic I've experienced as a child. I wasn't born yet when Martial Law broke out.