Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ooooooh. Sugar Rush.

Math 17 exam earlier. T'was okay.

Thanks, Sir Montes! :D You have noooo idea how thankful I am you're no terror teacher.

Pride Night was last night. If I were the high school me I would have felt terribly insecure because majority of my floor mates were valedictorians or Prom Queens in their younger years but nah. That me is soooo buried under six feet of my mother's ancient romance novels. I was actually laughing because no matter how accomplished they seem to be, they have their own frustrations, too - some of which can be pretty petty. Take my Roommate for a Night as an example. She bagged all the major awards their school had to offer, joined every club during her senior year, and maintained Class President standing since fourth grade but she's frustrated that she's never received an award for good conduct. All together now, "Hail the Almighty Nosebleed!"

By the way, Nina calls me Theory Queen because I have a knack for coming up with weird theories that almost always turn out to be true - blame it on years of Detective Conan addiction. I have this theory that the smarter a person is the freakier his or her love life turns out to be. And nuh-uh, I'm not saying this because of the classic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon line, "Even the greatest warriors can be fools in love". It's just really, really true it should be declared a Law and added to the list of Trigonometric Identities right beside sin, cos and tan. To agree with me, all you have to do is listen to love stories of Pisay kids. This is one of this rare cases where Hearing is Believing.

Gotta go now. I wanna get into Cine Adarna for Joint Security Area, which starts...... now. It's part of the 1007 Korean Film Festival. So.... When admission is free, grab the opportunity!

Toodles! Poof!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Mary Chris is the culprit. She tugged me to write eight things about myself that other people don't know. Seeing that it's only Ma'am G who reads this blog I'm going to find it difficult to come up with stuff she doesn't know. So I'm gonna write about my life as an iska 'cause she doesn't know much about that. Tee hee.

> Most of my allowance goes to street food, net cafe fees and stuff for our dorm corridor since I'm the one in charge of its cleanliness. I've given up my favorite chicken ball and kwek kwek and now I'm trying to look for alternative snacks. (I've discovered that too much Onion and Chives crackers make my tummy rumble.) I cannot, will not but should monitor my net usage so now I'm trying to cut my net hours - and it's a failure, I'm telling you. Oh, and don't tell my mother I'm spending stuff for the dorm 'cause she'll give me a long lecture on the adverse effects of assuming responsibility.

> Four months into the AY and I've already destroyed my printer, my laptop's DVD player, the alarm clock Mary gave me and two pairs of shoes. Not to mention, my flashdisk is full of viruses and I haven't brought the digicam to the repair shop yet.

> I haven't read any 'light, recreational reading' for three weeks and that's sort of depressing.

> I've seen movies 1-10 of Detective Conan (the vids I wanted to download so badly) through YouTube. Of course, I had to watch all those 10 minute cuts per installment but at least I've finished them, noh? Kudos to shinichi726! (only a DC addict will see the pun)

> Vegetables I'm starting to tolerate, Fish I'm beginning to accept. Stuff you have to deal with in dorm life. Especially Kalayaan Residence Hall life where we aren't affected by the Pangasinan fish kill.

> I started being money-conscious (accounting obsessively, saving like mad, checking price tags ala DTI inspector) the first day my parents left me to fend off for myself.

> Classes have suddenly become strangely addictive. I suddenly don't want to miss classes and I've started studyng two hours per each subject. Sometimes, when I drink coffee I can't sleep at all and I go insane (read: I study at dawn and listen to Mellow Touch's 5 am rosary). And this is the last sign of my insanity: I've started studying two weeks before the test. What's happening to me?

I don't want to go home yet. Hmmm. Of course, I need some rest and I really should see my family and friends but surprisingly, I like the pace here. I love the way things happen one after another, so fast and simply complex. In a sense, it's like actual living.

I tug Ma'am G! Tell us eight stuff about yourself! :D

in memory of 0-14

Well. We won. :D

Admittedly, we were sort of maangas back there, getting into tussles and raising black banners and using our creativity to create giant f*** you signs that thankfully weren't shown on TV, but hey, the PEP squad really performed well. So we can still say we fought fairly. Honesty Through Sports. heh.

Now I understand 'excitement in the air'. I felt it yesterday as we stood for six hours just to show our support for the pep squad to whom victory has been so darn elusive. And YEAH, we stood for six hours, screaming our tonsils off and seeing nothing but raised hands and cheering paraphernalia but it was all worth it. Seriously. I'm still feeling euphoric right now and I'VE GOT MATH after this. That should say something.

Immediately after we won, I began receiving text messages generated by UP students. I can't really say they're bad... but they're not really that friendly either. The upperclassmen are probably just elated that the U won after how many years of not bagging the championship title. Sorry, I can't relate. It's my first year here. :D Hurray to the freshman! Guinea pigs for TOFA and deliverers of UAAP Cheerdance Success!

Toodles! Poof...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my fave subject has betrayed me

setting: CAL 212, approx 10 am earlier
characters: English 11 (Literature and Society) Class TFU1
genre: tragedy

I irk myself. There we were, discussing stories as usual when Prof asked us a question, and I, as usual, muttered my answer under my breath. Of course, she noticed it and she asked me to repeat it to the class so I did. Darn, turned out my answer was wrong.

Worst part was, my whole body started to freeze and steam was practically gushing out of my ears. I was so numb and so brain dead that I couldn't even pull myself together to tell myself, "Get a grip, you weirdo! Are you this afraid of failure?" And that wasn't the first time it happened, you know? It happens all the bloody time. I just freeze whenever I give a wrong answer and how I hate it!

As always, after that brief flash of paranoia I resolved not to recite. But oh, my overactive tongue did its thing again and I found myself mumbling more incoherent answers to Prof's questions. She asked me to share them to the class, but I, in fear of being self-ridiculed again, found a way to shrug her offer off. I was deeply touched though, when Ed, an upperclassman, sort of nodded at me as his own way of saying "Go on, say it."

Perhaps he noticed how red my face was. Haha! But either way, his simple nod made me feel much much much better. (Read: I do not have a crush on him.)

So there. That brief spasm of absurdity is just about the funniest thing that happened to me today. I attribute it to raging hormones. Harharhar!

Toodles! Poof...

A link to Araby by James Joyce. Read it. Loads of fun.

Went to Puerto Galera last weekend. Was shocked to find there's still muro-ami there. Sea urchins scared me to death even though I wasn't able to see even one. Corals near Medio Island are so pretty - found a purple one. Ocean's 7, finally bonded! Wasn't able to buy any pasalubong because we ran out of time. Harharhar. Will be back someday.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Money Tree

Wala lang. I'm running out of money, waaah.

They say money isn't the root of all evil because it's love of money that drives everyone borderline crazy. I agree. Honestly, I'm quite materialistic as well and I just love carrying cute little plastic bags (sorry, Mother Earth) with lots of merchandise in them. I value cash because I don't have a lot of it - I don't have stocks either so don't get any ideas. Then there are also those rich kids (actually, in UP they're called cono but that's a swear word in Spanish so I don't use it because I belong to the department with the largest population of these guys) who don't value money much because they have too much of it. So it sort of inspires me when I hear stories of people (who don't have money AT ALL) who still share what they have.

For a moment forget the parable about the poor woman who gave the church a donation (it WAS a huge percentage of her economic profit so it really is quite admirable deed) and check this out:

There's a girl I met recently and at first she struck me as one of those party-girl types. She was chic, hip and she had her boyfriend wrapped around her pinkie so I branded her 'too cool to be
friendly with people who don't belong to her group'. That turned out to be one of the biggest
mistakes I've ever made in UP. Because yes, she does have great style and she does hang out with her own crowd most of the time but she isn't stereotypical. If she was stereotypical would she give a diabetes-ridden, half blind old man a large fraction of her free
time? Would she give him PhP 50.00 for his insulin fund even though she only had PhP 100.00 with her? Would she buy the same man a hotdog because she pitied him so much? Seriously, if she was shallow she wouldn't have walked into the dorm crying because she pitied the guy so much. And although other people were amused after listening to her story I must say I was deeply touched. Like seriously, hello?!?!?! How many people do that nowadays? At least now I know why her boyfriend's so in love with her. :D

Bottom line? The love of money destroys most of us but it also brings out the best in some of us. Sometimes, when there's money, there's love and usually that's the best combination there is.

Toodles! Poof...

Cris Mendez is on the cover of The Collegian. We attended the protest that was held on the AS Steps for him, you know, and I was depressed when they started talking about his achievements. He could have contributed so much to the society and yet... Well, sayang lang jud. Really.