Saturday, December 6, 2008

carstuffing princesses (with pushers for escorts)

ICTUS does it again!
25 people - a BMW
26 people - one Volkswagen Beetle.
major bongga moment.

For those of you who don't know what the Upsilon Sigma Phi Carstuffing is all about, too bad for you guys. (Evil much?) But seriously, the whole point of the entire contest is that the org with the highest number of representatives who can fit inside an given car wins...

PhP 10,000 for the Champions
PhP 5,000 for the Second Placers
Cheers for the Third Placers

I've been here in UP for two years now, but last night was my first time to join the highly stressful, severely addictive Carstuffing. (Of course, I didn't have an org last year so... wenk.) I'm telling you, YOUR ORG should join it. It's tons of fun, and you get bonded with your orgmates. Literally.

The downside is it ends really late at night. Last night, Bana and I left the venue (AS Parking Lot) at 11 something PM. Since she was going to Area 2 and I was going to Ilang, we had to separate at SC. I was so freaked out by the fact that I was going to pass the Infarmatay AND the CHURCH in the middle of THE NIGHT that I ran to my dorm via the middle of the street like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky. I only stopped running like mad when I saw another human being - the chicharon vendor who sits outside Ilang. Does she ever leave?

I guess that's another story.

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