Saturday, November 29, 2008

cramming galore

when this sem started, I told myself I wouldn't cram because that's what ruined my grades in the previous sem - er, year. i guess things haven't changed though because here i am, frazzled, panicky, wondering how on Earth I'm going to fit every thing I have to, want to, got to do in the ridiculously limited time span of 72 hrs.

whew. cramming ng bonggang bongga.
if you want, you can check out my agenda-slash-wish list for the weekend.

To Do's
(in (ideally) chronological order)


11.00 AM
Eat lunch at AnT Kakai's.
pista daw sa ilaha so go lang.
I miss my cousins anyway.
Besides... free lunch!!!
(In your faces, economistas!)

1.00 something PM
Show up at Kumon.
submit papers before Teacher Malou thinks I've surrendered...
after barely one week into the program.

2.00 something PM
Get my waiver from Ate Meh.
MUST! can't go camping without it!

3.00 something PM
Read a bit of my PA 11 readings.
would anybody care if I said I'm way behind in terms of classwork?
no? well, my teacher would.
thing is, she doesn't know.

4.30 PM
Meet UPK at KFC Katips.
the mems are going to lead us apps to the 'probinsya'
where our FR will be held.
i've heard our 'probinsya' is in Ortigas Mansions though.
bonggacious much?

Basta Gabii
FR - FI UP Kagayhaan.
postponed last sem so ngayon lang aarriba ang event na 'to.
i have no idea what the mems have planned.
i know they're serving chicken pesto though -
as long as there's food, payts!


6.00 something AM
Be at Aurora Tower, Araneta Center for Youth Camp.
such an ungodly hour in the morning.
if I miss this, wala na, goodbye GRF.

Basta Morning
GRF Youth Camp.
I don't know what Miss Annette from GRF planned for us.
must be exciting though.
ANNND. it's free.
YUP. totally free.


sometime before 5.oo PM
Still in GRF.
probably snoozing in a bus.

7.00 something PM
Purchase Psych 7 in NBS Katips.
so I can read Chapter 3: Da Brain.
bloody hell! it's PhP 600.

Basta Gabii
Finish reading PA 11 readings for Topics 1 AND 2
Finish reading Chapters 3 AND 4 for Psych 101.

O dibz? Bonggacious galore.


GraceMags said...

hahaha. you read 'da brain' for 600. haha.

hey you've updated finally.

murag naay nausab sa imo. you are starting to sound like you come from over there

beaple leone michaelmas said...

Is that a good thing? :(
When the Pep Squad came over you said you didn't like their 'aura'.
Weeeeh, you can't not like me.
No! No!