Saturday, February 7, 2009

juggling vitamins

I despise being sick. It tops the list of things I hate, tied with waiting, waiting, waiting. I've been sick for more than a week; since titanI I've been coughing my lungs out every few seconds. Oh yes, and I've been sniffing like some mad dog. Would it be gross if I mentioned that right now, snot is threatening to drip out of my left nostril yet I can't wipe it off because I didn't bring a hanky thinking I was well enough to go out without one?

Gross? Nuh - uh. Too late.

The good thing about being sick now is that my parents don't know about it. Normally, I can't hide things from them, esp. being ill, no matter how hard I try. True, they have the right to know - scratch that, they SHOULD know - but I'm not fond of the way they worry. The last time I complained of colds my father LBC'd a pack of Fern-C. Haha. Sweet, I guess.

Transformer Trailer Out Now. Gotta love The Beef.


grace said...

aw sandy get well soon. bawal magkasakit. hey i think its sweet the way they worry. you should prefer that they worry than not care at all. :)

but i think the best cure to colds and cough is water and lots of rest.

by the way, there's a little mermaid 3. i wanna watch. hehe. sofia has infected me

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